Posted on March 30, 2016

Sunny Seattle

Hey guys! It’s quite ironic that last post was about rainy Seattle and today’s is about sunny Seattle! Hooray for better weather!

A few days ago the advanced photo class at school took a field trip to Seattle! We were dropped off and told to meet back in a few hours. We had so much fun wandering around Seattle and shooting pictures! We went to the Seattle Library, Pike Place and streets I had never been on which was exciting! The weather was incredible which made me so happy!

As you can see, the layout is a bit different but I wanted to give you guys a preview of a lot of pictures before you look at the rest!

Thanks a million for reading!

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xoxo, Grace

Seattle 4 Seattle 2Seattle 3Seattle 1IMG_0292IMG_9892IMG_0401IMG_9472IMG_0177IMG_9735IMG_9978IMG_9649 IMG_9750IMG_0086IMG_9837IMG_9990IMG_0268IMG_9949

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