Posted on July 7, 2014

Wedding Bells




Hello! Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend our family friends Ashley and Caleb’s wedding. The wedding service was beautiful, and the reception was one big dance party. Every once and a while my cousins and I would get out on the dance floor but we’re more of the dancing in your room, by yourself type of people. Overall, I had a blast and I’m so happy to see what God has planned out for the happy couple.

To say the least, I went last minute stress shopping for my dress and shoes. I had previously purchased an adorable floral skirt and peplum crop top to wear. The length of the skirt didn’t pass the test for my mom, which meant I had to find something else to wear. After an hour or so, the lady helping us at B.P. brought me this dress. Don’t get me wrong, I usually steer clear of high-low but this was do-able. I enjoyed the way it hung, and am in love with the Hawaiian-esk pattern.

The sandals were also last minute. They were around $1o from old navy but I figured that I would only wear them a couple of times. They were overall good sandals and went with the dress quite well.

I had a such a great time on Sunday and I only wish the best for Ashley and Caleb!

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xoxo, Grace

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