Posted on August 16, 2014

So Boho

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Greetings! First of all I’m trying to avoid thinking about school because I’m beyond unprepared. I haven’t read my summer book, which means I haven’t started my essay. Also I don’t have an school supplies, let alone school clothes.

Besides the stress of school, I’m extremely excited to be leaving for Hawaii with my sister from another mista, Sarah! Speaking of Sarah, it’s her birthday today! So Sarah if you’re reading this I wish you a very happy birthday and I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Anyways, I will be going to Hawaii for 10 days so I would LOVE it if you’d comment things you’d like to see from my trip! I will be uploading at least 3 blogs over the time that I’m there!

I absolutely adore this outfit! It’s screams careless boho. The statement kimono is an essential for a boring outfit. If you’re tired of the basic t-shirt and jeans (or tank top and shorts) throw on a kimono to spice things up.

The necklaces are one of my favorite trends! Layering small necklaces has been a must have this summer and will continue to be this fall!

Please leave me a comment of blog suggestions while I’m in Hawaii!

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 xoxo, Grace

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