Posted on February 8, 2015

TOLO 2015


Hello! I’m sure most of you are aware that my last post was well over three weeks ago. I hate to blame it on school and sports but it’s so hard to balance everything. Luckily, basketball is over and I will have more time to do my favorite thing, blogging and filming. My goal is to have weekly posts and a monthly fashion video for you! This is truly my passion and I can’t let it slip away.

Now that we got that cleared up, I had TOLO last night and I have some pictures to show you! I had a great time with all of my friends and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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 xoxo, Grace

P.S. A huge THANKS to Jaymie Stuidoso for doing hair for my friends and me for the past two years!

Dress- Amazon (yeah that’s right, Amazon)
Jewelry- Nordstrom BP
Shoes- Old Navy
Hair- Jaymie Studioso (Instagram)


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